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More than an entry score

Each new year brings media attention to the issue of the quality of entrants to the teaching profession, with repeated citing of ‘poor’ ATAR scores as the sole source of evidence. I want to debunk some of the commonly held … Continue reading

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Take time to celebrate your year and your profession

As another end of the school year is nigh, it is timely to revisit a key theme of some of my blogs this year. I have emphasised how important it is to celebrate teachers and their unique contribution to the … Continue reading

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Top of the Class: Maintaining the teaching passion

(And some words about a teacher who inspired me: Jim Gall) My two previous blogs have focused on the significant work intensification and changing employment practices which are contributors to a decline in teacher satisfaction and morale, and a concomitant … Continue reading

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Individualising Learning

Is technology the answer to maximise individualised learning? How can teachers and school systems collaborate to enhance professional learning opportunities to build teacher skills in this area? Discussions in government reports and online posts have again raised the challenge of … Continue reading

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As we move towards the future, one of the most important gifts we can give students is the confidence and ability to thrive in a novel and complex world transformed by artificial intelligence (AI). It is important to actively maintain … Continue reading

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Teachers have unique, sustainable qualities that make their careers less susceptible to disruption by artificial intelligence (AI) than others, as discussed in my previous blog, but we would be unwise to ignore AI given the opportunities it offers our students. … Continue reading

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Every school needs a champion – new ClassMovies share digital leaders’ tips

We live in a world where digital technologies are ubiquitous and pervade all aspects of our lives. Students in our classrooms need to be given opportunities to become creators of digital solutions, not just passive consumers of the technology. In … Continue reading

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Is That Really Acceptable?

I believe the most important responsibility of the Queensland College of Teachers (QCT) is deciding who is admitted to the teaching profession and who remains in it. In the great majority of cases it is an easy decision. Most applicants … Continue reading

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